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How to get from Baltra Aiport (GPS) to Santa Cruz

Getting from the Seymour Airport (GPS) in Baltra to Santa Cruz Island can seem like a very challenging task, but it is indeed a very straightforward transfer that takes a bit less than 1 hour. Let’s start with some clarification!

  • Baltra is a tiny island where the main airport of the Galápagos. The name of the airport is also confusing as it is sometimes called Baltra Airport, Seymour Airport, Galapagos Aiport or GPS Airport.
  • Santa Cuz is the most populated island in the Galapagos and hub for tourism.
  • Puerto Ayora, is the main town in Santa Cruz island. Well, basically the only town in Santa Cruz island and that’s where the ferry to other islands (check the schedules or book with us) and tours depart.

So, as there’s nothing else in Baltra but the airport most of the visitors then transfer to Puerto Ayora in Santa Cruz.

Step-by-step Guide on how to get from Baltra to Puerto Ayora in Santa Cruz

The journey listed below is way easier than it seems and you will need an hour approx to get from the Airport to Santa Cruz (or viceversa).

  1. Head from the Airport to the Canal: Once you land at the Airport on Baltra Island, you’ll need to take a short bus ride to the Itabaca Channel, which separates Baltra from Santa Cruz. Which bus? Well, there’s nothing else on the island but the Airport and the Itabaca channel so let’s call it THE bus. Everybody is heading to the same place.
  2. Ferry across the Channel: At the Itabaca Channel (or Canal in Spanish), you’ll take a short ferry ride to cross over to the northern tip of Santa Cruz Island. The ferry ride takes about 10 minutes. There’s usually a small fee for the ferry.
  3. Bus or Taxi to Puerto Ayora: After crossing the canal, you can take a bus or taxi to Puerto Ayora, which is the largest town in the Galápagos and located on the southern coast of Santa Cruz. The journey is about 40 minutes by bus and slightly quicker by taxi. The road takes you through the highlands of Santa Cruz, which offers a different landscape compared to the coastal areas.
  4. That’s it; you have arrived to Puerto Ayora. Here’s where the ferries to the other islands depart!
Steps to get from Baltra to Santa Cruz

So, I know that this seems complicated because there are several steps, islands and means of transportation involved. But it is just much easier than it seems and is straightforward to navigate the transfer process. Basically, 99,99% of the people arriving to the airport is going to Puerto Ayora so it is impossible to miss.

How long does it take from Baltra to Puerto Ayora?

The whole journey takes about one hour. A bit less if you do replace the bus from the channel to Puerto Ayora for a taxi. The taxis are available and ready right in the bus stop, so that’s easy anyway.





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