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  • Galapagos Map of Ferry Ports and Airports

    Ports and ferrys

    There is a port on each of those main populated islands and these are the schedules of the ferries

    Airports with flights to Ecuador mainland

    • There is an airport at San Cristobal (SCY).
    • There is another airport at Baltra (GPS), which operates as the airport for Santa Cruz and is located an hour away from the main town in Santa Cruz (Puerto Ayora)
    • Both airports operate regualar flights everyday to and from Guayaquil (GYE) and Quito (UIO). AVIANCA, TAME and LAN are the companies that operate those flights.

    Inter-island flights

    • There are flights everyday day communicating the 3 main populated islands. You can book them with us if you need to.

  • The boats that communicate the islands in the Galapagos are really small compared to other ferries that you might have used in the past. Same for the inter-island planes. As there is small capacity we recommend all our users to secure their spaces before their arrival to the islands.

    Also, you can re-schedule your boat tickets with at least 48 hours time depending on space availability

  • Simply book the itinerary and schedule you need, pay online via paypal or credit card and we'll deliver you a e-ticket via email and confirm you in the list for the boat. Easy!

    Also, boat trips can be re-scheduled before with 24 hours in advance so there is no real risk to buy a ticket a not use it

  • Sure, that's another option. You can buy your interisland tickets when you arrive to Galapagos on any of the agencies near the pier of each island. You will normally have to pay cash and you don't guarantee availability but you can save a few $.

  • We run a hassle-free policy so that you can book in advance but also have some flexibility.

    Changes are allowed with a 48 hour notice at no cost subject to availability. This means that you can change your schedule or dates with no cost as long as there is availability in the new desired schedule/dates

    Cancellations and refunds. Refunds are available until 48 hour before departure. A 10% administrative fee for the commission of the payment gateway and the costs of booking and cancellation will be detracted. When less than 48 hours are left refunds are not possible.

  • There 3 options when preparing your to visit the islands:

    A cruise

    You will visit the populated an some amazing places at the unpopulated islands. The price will probably be on the high even with the cheapest cruises... but you know what they say, it is once in a lifetime.

    Travel with an agency

    They will take care of everything for you, and that is precisely the best and the worst part of it.

    Design your travel on your own

    The islands offer a wide range of possibilities if you combine the "free places of visit" at the populated islands with some guided-day-tours. You will have more freedom but need to do some homework to get your travel started

    At Galapagos Transfers we cannot help you with the first or second options, but we have prepared a set of Galapagos Travel Guides for those of you who prefer the freedom and visit the islands on your own.

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