The first ferry bookings company in the Galapagos islands

Hey! I’m Jenny and I can help you plan your trip!

Iím Jenny Quijozaca, born in Galapagos, manager, and cofounder of Galapagos Transfers.

I know planning a trip to the Galapagos is not an easy task and I can help you with any doubt you may have regarding the islands.

It doesn’t even matter if it’s not related with the boats. Let’s keep in touch!

Why should you book your Ferry tickets with Galapagos Transfers?

Only our selected boats

The Pacific Ocean can get rough so we ony work with the most safe and comfortable boats with front-facing seats. Avoid over-booking or being placed in second-class boats. Check our boat gallery below and book now.

A relaxed changes-policy

Our hassle-free approach means that you can reschedule for free until 48 hour before departure time.

Two daily schedules on each route

We connect Isabela, Santa Cruz and San Cristobal with AM and PM schedules

5-star customer service

This is not a cold business that won’t help. I’ve been doing this for +8 years and will be ready do help when you need it.
Contact me

Our curated selection of boats (AKA, only the best boats in the islands)

Ready to book?

You just need to select the number of passengers to our ferries, your routes,dates and schedules.

And if you need help, we’ll be glad to help you with changes, doubts, recommendations, etc.

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