Hi, I’m Jenny, manager and co-founder of Galapagos Transfers.

I can help you with any doubt you may have about your planning and help you purchase your inter-island transportation tickets.

Check below for the most frequently asked questions or just get in touch with me!


Why should I book my inter-island tickets in advance?

We recommend to book your tickets in advance and online because:

  • You secure your spaces
  • You pay $35 and can use Paypal or your credit card
  • You can do changes and cancellations

However you can only buy your tickets in town when you arrive to the islands in one of the many agencies near the pierts- Just make sure you don’t leave it for the last minute, the cost will be $30 paying cash.

How will I get my tickets

After you place your order we will:

  • Send a confirmation email that your order has arrive to our end
  • Review it manually to make sure everything makes sense
  • Contact the operators to secure the spaces (this process takes usually 24 hours)
  • Send you an order confirmation email
  • A month before your trip we will send boarding instructions and etickets

We send the etickets about a month before your travel dates because we want to make sure that no detail is going to change and that you have all the proper information.

Can I change my schedules or ask for a refund?


Allowed at no cost with at least 48 hours notice before your travel date.

Changes are also subject to avaiability


There’s a 15% cancellation fee for local costs and can be done at least 48 hour before your departure.

Where are the ports and airports in the islands?


There is a port at Isabela, Santa Cruz and San Cristobal.

Each of the islands is connected in both ways in the morning and the afternoon. Please refer to our schedules page for more information.


There are airports connecting to the mainland at:

  • San Cristobal (SCY): Located 5 minute walking from town
  • Baltra (GPS): It is located in a small island next to Santa Cruz. Transfer time to Puerto Ayora (Santa Cruz) is about an hour.

Isabela island has a small airport only used for inter island flights.

How do I get from Baltra to Santa Cruz?

Baltra is a small island located next to Santa Cruz that is used as the airport for that island (GPS).

Getting from Baltra to Santa Cruz is really straightforward as almost everyone there is heading to Santa Cruz.

  • You will need to get a bus (Lobito company) to the Itabaca channel.
  • You will cross the channel in a small boat
  • And then you need to either get a bus or a taxi to Puerto Ayora (Santa Cruz).

It seems complicated but it is not.

When planning your trip, please bear in mind that the journey from Baltra to Santa Cruz (or viceversa) is almost 60 minutes.

Can’t I go to Seymour?

Visiting the non-populated islands is something you cannot do on your own.

Those islands as Seymour, Española, Plaza, etc. are visited in either day-tours or cruises and you will always be with a naturalist Guide following the Galapagos National Park instructions.

You can book day-tours departing from each of the populated islands (San Cristobal, Santa Cruz, Isabela), check our Galapagos Travel Guide for more info.

What airport do you recommend?

There are two airports with connection to the mainland:

  • San Cristobal (SCY). 1 minute away from Puerto Baquerizo downtown at San Cristobal
  • Baltra (GPS). An hour away from Puerto Ayora at Santa Cruz.

Which one to choose? It really depends on many other details of your travel planning, the airline fares, etc.

If you are planning to visit at least San Cristobal and Santa Cruz the wiser option would be to use one as inbound and the other as outbound but as we have mentioned: it depends. Contact us if you need help planning your trip.

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