About Galapagos Transfers

Galapagos Transfers is the way to buy in advance your inter-island boat tickets for the Galapagos Islands.

Our mission

Our mission is a simple as it can get. To help you book your inter-island ferry tickets in the Galapagos so that you don’t need to worry about anything.

We started 8 years ago as the first company that offered this service and have served hundreds of happy customers.

You can contact us, book your tickets or simply check the schedules online.

Our team

Jenny Quijozaca: Galapagueña, founder and manager

Galapagos Transfers Cia Ltda is an Ecuadorian registered Travel Agency.

Jenny Quijozaca, born in Galapagos, is the founder and the one that runs the company.

While the team is very small, our secret sauce is in the details.

We work only with the best, more secure, and more comfortable operators. 8 years in business allowed us to know them all.

Why should you book your Ferry tickets with Galapagos Transfers?

Only our selected boats

The Pacific Ocean can get rough so we ony work with the most safe and comfortable boats with front-facing seats. Avoid over-booking or being placed in second-class boats. Check our boat gallery below and book now.

A relaxed changes-policy

Our hassle-free approach means that you can reschedule for free until 48 hour before departure time.

Two daily schedules on each route

We connect Isabela, Santa Cruz and San Cristobal with AM and PM schedules

5-star customer service

This is not a cold business that won’t help. I’ve been doing this for +8 years and will be ready do help when you need it.
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